Graham Potter reluctant to admit Chelsea are favourites against Dortmund

Graham Potter has been speaking about his first taste of Champions League action with Chelsea.

The coach has a double header against Dortmund after successfully getting out of the group.

He’s not someone you could accuse of overconfidence, and in fact many fans are infuriated by his inferiority complex. His quotes about our opposition reflect exactly that.

He said his side “have the capability” to beat Dortmund – but “they are a strong side the with the capability to get a result as well.”

There’s keeping your team humble and then there’s never making them feel like need or should win.

We’ve got a budget that dwarfs Dortmund’s. We’ve won the Champions League within the last two years. Dortmund will be a tough team, but we should be beating them. We want to hear our manager say that, and sound like he actually believes that.

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