Graham Potter responds to Stamford Bridge booing

If you thought the discontent was bad at half time, the reaction at full time was ten times stronger.

Chelsea had just lost 1-0 to Southampton at home. that’s bad. But the context of it is so much worse.

You can’t say these fans haven’t been patient. They’re watching a manager with unprecedented resources set new records for bad results, week after week. The team can’t score goals, it can’t defend, it looks broken mentally.

Fans can be too harsh – they usually are. in this case they’re justified, and even Potter himself can’t deny it.

“After a 1-0 defeat at home, any criticism you get is understandable. We’ve had a tough period and are integrating young players into the Premier League. When results don’t go your way it’s tough,” he responded when asked about the wall of dissatisfaction that rolled down from the Matthew Harding at full time.

“I’m not arrogant enough to say that their opinion isn’t worth articulating. My job is to help the team and work through a team period. The truth is we took as step back with our performance in the first half. Our response in the second half was good, but it wasn’t enough.”

Unfortunately, even trying to point to the positives just comes off as fairly pathetic. Yes Graham, the half where we drew 0-0 with managerless 20th placed Southampton was better than the first half where we lost 1-0. Unfortunately, that’s cold comfort to us.


  1. Why was tuchel sacked in the first place by arrogant told bolly ,they should bring him back as soon as possible the guy loves Chelsea and potter has nothing to offer

  2. There’s nothing in the teams performance that gives me any confidence in the near future. In yesterday’s performance against Southampton we couldn’t score we couldn’t defend and we lost the midfield and have a manager who constantly changes the team without any real improvement and shows no passion on the touch line, need a change and need it fast, just throwing more players at it isn’t the answer, especially when he doesn’t know how to get the best performance out of them.

  3. I feel sorry for Potter. Easy to kick a man when he is down. Maybe give him some support m, it just might help!

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