Graham Potter says “there’s incredible support there” from his players

Chelsea boss Graham Potter has come under immense pressure from the media and many Chelsea fans this week.

Frustrations and concerns have boiled over after Chelsea lost 1-0 to Southampton last weekend, and many fans have been calling for him to be sacked. It’s been the talk of the week amongst top media outlets as well, most of whom have been reporting that the club are still backing Potter for now, and many even believe for the long-term future.

But a lot of negative things have been written as well, such as the players turning on him as well and some whispers that he has lost the dressing room.

Well Potter himself says that is not the case and in fact, he continues to receive incredible support from his players as they go through a tough moment. Enzo Fernandez has even backed that up with his recent comments too.

Potter’s latest words, can be found here….


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