Graham Potter unable to answer question about Aubemeyang

Graham Potter was asked a pretty direct question about Pierre Emereick Aubameyang in the press conference today – he’s the only striker in your squad, so what does he have to do to get into the team?

All Potter could do was dodge the question – firstly by pointing out that David Datro Fofana is a striker, and then by praising Aubameyang and giving some general manager speak about how the striker just needs to keep working hard and waiting for his chance to play again.

We sympathise with the coach here – it’s impossible for him to answer a question about why Aubameyang can’t get into the team without basically explaining that the striker just looks totally finished – and looked rather uninterested when he actually was in the team.

All Potter can do is this really – waffle away about his good attitude and avoid the reality of the question. Answering truthfully wasn’t going to help anyone.

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