Graham Potter under ‘enormous’ pressure as Chelsea change stance

Last week after a defeat, the media were reporting defiance from Chelsea in their defence of Graham Potter and they were still fully backing him regardless.

This week though, their stance has changed slightly. Although the general consensus is for now they are still backing him, the narrative is starting to change and it very much now seemingly depends on the next game or two.

Insider Ben Jacobs has the very latest on Chelsea’s stance on this situation via his column for Si & Dan Talk Chelsea today.

As you can see with just a few of Jacobs’ words from the article below, the narrative is starting to shift and you get a real sense now that Chelsea are probably debating pulling the plug on Potter, for the first real time so far. Results have been terrible, and things are very bleak in terms of stats for Chelsea under Potter.

Jacobs said: “Graham Potter is under enormous pressure following the 2-0 loss to Spurs. Chelsea’s owners genuinely want to do everything possible to back him, and in the immediate aftermath of the defeat on Sunday the board’s position hadn’t changed – they wanted to give Potter as much time as humanly possible.

“But football is results-driven business and Potter has lost three-straight matches without scoring and has managed just two wins in 15 games with the fewest number of Premier League goals scored since November.

“So although Chelsea really don’t want to make a change, they’ll be forced to unless there’s a sharp uptake in results. The next two games are vital.”

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