Graham Potter won’t be sacked despite another bad result

Graham Potter will not be sacked “tonight,” according to Ben Jacobs, who has Tweeted just after full time that the Chelsea ownership “retain their faith and patience” in the coach after a loss to Tottenham.

It’s crazy to be writing this story again, just a week after we wrote the same thing after the defeat to Southampton.

Are we going to be writing this same story after every loss until, one day, he finally is sacked? It looks like it.

Plenty of people out there are looking at these quotes and saying there’s no way that Jacobs can know this to be true so after the game – but we disagree. It’s well established that Jacobs is closely connected to the new ownership at Chelsea, and whether it’s come from Boehly himself or someone else at the top, it’s perfectly possible that the CBS writer has had assurances about Potter’s job in a message already.


  1. He Should Resign Himself and save his Pride, this Club was big for him from day one. It was Not Boehly’s mistake to appoint him but Potters mistake indeed to accept this Challenge.

    1. Chelsea are only good at paying over the odds for players that are over rated, and selling existing players that turn out to be missed gems . Picking managers is dreadful , all boils down to poor Board members and decisions and to much money (mostly wasted). You deserve what you geniuses get

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