“I don’t get too involved” – Graham Potter plays down his “calm” deadline day

Graham Potter is taking his first press conference in two weeks – and it’s fair to say a bit has changed in that time.

Chelsea spent hundreds of millions on new players for his squad, but as ever the humble Potter played down any involvement in what had gone on.

He likes to point out he’s the “head coach” rather than the manager, so he just worried about the players he has available rather than those coming and going.

“[Deadline day was] calm! I am the head coach so I don’t get too involved… I was preparing for Fulham.”

It’s a nice way of deflecting endless transfer talk, but of course it only makes sense up to a point.

His focus may have been on the game against Fulham, but even during his preparations for tomorrow’s game he will have noticed that he had an ever increasing supply of players to choose from as the weeks went by.

Let’s hope he knows what to do with them.

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