“I understand the question” – Graham Potter explains another Aubameyang absence as Chelsea fail to score again

People are looking for specific things that Graham Potter is doing wrong at Chelsea that’s causing this horrific death spiral, and one of his decisions which is attracting attention is his use of (or lack of use of) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The striker was signed in the summer to be our solution up front, and yet even as we reach record breakingly bad rates of goalscoring, Potter won’t put him on the pitch – or even on the bench in recent weeks.

Asked why he hadn’t picked Aubameyang, even on the bench, and what the forward had to do to to get in the team, the coach responded thus:

“I would say keep doing what he’s doing. We had Kai and Raheem coming on but when you don’t score – when you’re creating chances – I understand the question.”

We’re with Potter on this one. When a team is struggling, people always want the players who aren’t playing in the team. Just like the players who are injured are always the exact player a team needs to get back.

Aubameyang had his chances, he played terribly and looked disinterested. We’d rather have David Datro Fofana run around aimlessly than watch that again.


  1. It’s quite simple: Auba is not a part of our future. Any minutes he’s given deprive the players who are (a part of the future) from finding their chemistry.

    Potter is being completely rational in this and anyone who is questioning it doesn’t understand what “re-build” really means. It means short-term pain and suffering for supporters who are not going to see consistently winning football. It’s like living in a dingy hotel while your house is remodeled. It’s awful, but it’s the only way to make “the house” fit for the future.

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