“I’m lost” – Alan Shearer as puzzled by Chelsea fans as he watches Graham Potter’s team

Alan Shearer was the pundit in charge of watching Chelsea’s game against Southampton yesterday, and he came away with the same conclusion that most of us have when watching Graham Potter’s teams this season.

The decisions the coach has made, both in selections and in his changes in the middle of games, are just baffling at times, as Shearer explained.

“At times, I’m lost to see what they’re trying to do. The first half they had Fofana up there, they took him off, brought Sterling on, because they didn’t create anything,” the former England striker said in quotes picked up by Daily Mail.

‘This is what I mean when I say I struggle when I look at Chelsea. Ok Havertz there, Felix there, they brought Sterling on, who was probably their best player in the second half.

“But Sterling’s got the ball there, there’s no options, so he goes back, he goes square, that allows Southampton to get men behind the ball and make it very difficult for them.”

The other pundits, all sitting there rather glumly, had to agree. Potter was the great white hope of English coaching, and just like us, they were keen to see him do well. We’re all searching for excuses now

Of course, the most damning thing for Potter in all of this is his predecessor. Thomas Tuchel turned the team around in 90 minutes – the new guy looks like he could be given 90 years without any results.


  1. Where from this owners and this useless coach. Does the board really know where this club is going? I have lost my freedom and peace because of this shambolic performance.

  2. Creo que ya es muy evidente las carencias en lectura táctica, desarrollo y preparación de un partido, aun más insólito como un equipo sin dirección técnica supera a otro con todas las virtudes disponibles… ya lo de Potter es indefendible, espero ya estén analizando quien es el ideal para este proyecto, pues a Potter lo eligió Todd no el equipo estratégico a cargo.

  3. it is shambolic at the moment. Chelsea fans are frustrated. The owners should be really worried. It is not working with Potter. This Chelsea team came third last season. Any one can beat Chelsea. The owners have entrusted the team to an un experienced manager. You dont give CFC to a novice. Brighton were not a good team. Brighton were mediocre. I blame the owners. They are just idiots

  4. everybody see it xcept the owners. we have become the punching bag for teams needing pts. want to get out of the relegation zone… play cfc who will end up there if change does nt come soon

  5. What the hell does Boahly know about football sweet fuck all, while he is there Chelsea will just be mediocre and potter had never won anything and never will complete balls up at the bridgr.

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