“It’s not that easy” – Fabrizio Romano gives his and Chelsea’s view on Graham Potter

Chelsea had an embarrassing defeat at home to bottom of the league side Southampton in the Premier League yesterday, and patience amongst Chelsea fans is pretty much out.

Many of them had understood that things will take time and the club are in a transition period. However, losing that game yesterday and not even scoring one goal, has led many fans to say that there is simply no excuses anymore. Many are saying that Graham Potter should be sacked right away.

Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano disagrees though, writing in his exclusive CaughtOffside column, ‘the Daily Briefing’.

Romano speaks about all the new factors and changes at the club and how it all needs time, which is what many fans had been saying before yesterday. But he also says that the club are still backing Potter right now and are ‘protecting’ him. So fans might just have to continue to grin and bare it.

“Personally, I think Chelsea’s situation is bad for sure, but not that surprising,” Romano said.

“If you bring in many new players from different leagues in January, they need time to adapt to the league, country, life, tactics… it’s not that easy.

“These moves usually happen in the summer with two months pre-season, not in January when you play every three days.

“At the moment, Chelsea keep protecting Potter.”


  1. Ik don’t think the owners realise how much trouble Chelsea is in this is relegation form this club is to big for Graham.Potter he has made to many mistakes he doesn’t know when to make subs and most of the time are to late and wrong he plays players out of position and if not sacked we will be playing in the championship next season

  2. In fact, the coach needs to be sack right now cos with all these new and quality players in the club now and still always suffering defeat what else can he do again? Fine he was performing good at Brighton then but after his absence, Brighton is stil performing ànd scoring as well. To me we still need Tuchel back, my suggestion though

  3. All of Tuchel , Conte and Sarri started like trains. Without mentioning Mourinho .
    Reality is that it all comes from the base and ruthlessness up front.
    Football is evolving into ice-hockey with blatant body checking and bullying riding rough shod over talent.
    Potter will be rescued by victory over Dortmund and the return of Kante: if the owners keep their nerve.
    But I’m not sure if he is in tune with new football and what is necessary at the highest levels.

  4. Totally agree with Romano. Nobody has to like the results we’re seeing now, but let’s get a grip and show some (uncharacteristic) patience with a manager for once. Too many folks out there with “commitment issues” lol!

    1. What a bunch of bollocks, can everyone not see that Potter is getting nothing right. The string of defeats and winless runs is not a coincidence, we are not scoring. There is an underlying problem with his recruitment as a manager, nothing to do with new players having to settle down, we have to stop making excuses for him.

    2. If you could see some hope , then fans may be inclined to be patient. But he simply has no plan and does not know what to do!

  5. Patience is perfectly acceptable if you have the right man at the helm. Potter, though, is not the right man. A midtable manager with a midtable mentality. He needs to go now.

  6. Potter should get out of our club, ever since he came in there is no progress at all even if he stays for 20yrs this man is not going to bring any changes, I don’t want our club to get relegated, so sack Potter now

  7. Le daría la razón pero cuando vez errores tácticos y errores en alinear jugadores fuera de sus posiciones óptimas ya es muy cuestionable la capacidad del entrenador. Chelsea necesita un entrenador experimentado, Potter aun esta en crecimiento eso es lo que pasa.

  8. I am not on the same page with you guys. This man, Potter, has no idea to coach big team like Chelsea. The players by now supposed to have gotten his techniques, but things keep on getting worst game after the games. So we need change, for the upbeat of the our players, the team generally and for the club as a whole. Thank you

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