“It’s not working as well as they hoped” – Ex Chelsea man shares his view on Graham Potter

Former Chelsea player and manager Ruud Gullit has shared his view on Chelsea’s current situation with manager Graham Potter struggling to find wins.

Ruud told times of India : “It’s always difficult at Chelsea. Potter has a new team and they still don’t know how to deal with it. Everyone in England hopes Potter does well. The top five-six teams all have foreign coaches, so for them it is an opportunity to show that the English coaches can do the same thing. At the moment, it’s not working as well as they hoped, I hope they do well, get momentum back, but it is not easy”

It seems that most pundits and popular personalities within Football, even if they are not connected to Chelsea, want Graham Potter to do well. There is a feeling that English managers perhaps do not get the same opportunities as foreign coaches but the statistics do not lie, no English manager has won the Premier League.

Chelsea hoped Frank Lampard would be the man to achieve that but he was dismissed after 18 months in charge following a poor run of results. Graham Potter is the next man to embark on the journey to try and win the Premier League but there is a feeling he is hanging on to hope of turning form around.

Chelsea fans booed and shouted at the team at full time against Southampton and Spurs represents the perfect opportunity to win the fan’s back.

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