“Jealousy” – Chelsea’s spending provokes reactions and emotions amongst rivals

The Athletic have this morning uploaded an article where they reveal inside information about how Chelsea’s rivals are feeling after all this spending from the Chelsea owners. Sources contacted by The Athletic, which are being kept private, included top executives at rival clubs as well as a private equity specialist.

Amongst Chelsea’s rivals, the spending has provoked a wide range of reactions and emotions: “Jealousy, bitterness, admiration, confusion” and even fear about where this could all lead.

Within the article, there is a consistent narrative being painted around Chelsea’s ownership from the sources who were spoken to and that was that Chelsea are the “disruptors” of the transfer market.

There is a widely held belief that Chelsea are sticking their nose in anything and everything, for me however as a fan, it just seems like extremely ambitious owners with a relentless drive to build a fantastic squad. Transfer targets that are seemingly hijacks like Mykhailo Mudryk or Raphinha last summer have either been asked for by the manager or scouted previously by our own scouting department, so when you actually look at the facts, jealousy is the main reason for all this unwarranted and biased media coverage against Chelsea’s owners.


  1. It is jealousy from all those who are complaining.nobody says a word when Barcelona buys everybody in sight.people loved it when Chelsea couldn’t buy anybody because of political motives.now you numpties just watch us next year.ha ha ha.

  2. Am disgusted by the “Judas”ischariots who pretended to love Jesus buy betrayed him…jealousness has no where to stop Chelsea’s ambitions…Let them show their financial muscles as well,forever ablue.

  3. Chelsea are a great club. They have money. Is spending your money a crime? Jealousy is a sin. I want to see Chelsea dominate football. Come on Chels make me proud

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