Jogging Mykhailo Mudryk lets Karim Adeyemi run clear for Dortmund goal

Dortmund have just scored on a fast break as Karim Adeyemi took on Enzo Fernandez for speed with half the pitch to run into.

Looking back, Mykailo Mudryk just jogged back, when he’s the quickest player in the Chelsea team.

In fact 38 year old Thiago Silva beat him in a foot race by some distance in the end. That wouldn’t happen is Mudryk was breaking his neck to get back.

We don’t want to be too harsh on him – he’s tired, he’s initially trying to stay up near the opposition’s box etc. But he’s maybe the only one who could have caught Adeyemi on that break so it’s painful to see.

As you can see, when the ball breaks from the box, Mudryk has a yard on two’s lead on Silva (bottom).

By by midfield, when it’s clear it’s Adeyemi on his own, Silva has overtaken the jogging winger.

By the time it reaches the goal, it’s a big lead…



  1. Potter is out of his depth if he finished 14th with Brighton he was given the Freedom of the city but Chelsea have been the most successful team in England for the past 20 years he can’t live with it

  2. GP tactics not good enough as Chelsea coach.need replacement for him.all player instructions by coach.better sack GP b4 too late

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