Manager hopes “important player” Mason Mount stays at Chelsea

Graham Potter no longer has so many injury questions to field in his press conferences, which will be a relief for him in some ways, but also means there’s more time for the assembled journalists to press him on other matters.

In this case it was the Mason Mount contract standoff that was raised. The midfielder hasn’t signed a new deal yet, and it’s getting critical.

As he did with all our transfer business before, Potter simply stayed positive and pointed to those above him as those who would sort it out.

“It’s always complicated. It’s best I leave it with Mason and the club. He has been fantastic to work with, he’s an important player. I hope it gets resolved quickly,” the coach commented.

There’s not much else he can say – if there’s no progress there’s no progress, and Potter making a comment one way or the other isn’t going to help. He wants Mason to stay, we believe that, but even if he didn’t care, he’s not going to alienate an important and popular player by saying so.

Mount and the club will know that this issue is going to come up time and again until it’s resolved.

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  1. He is a good player but suffers from being consistent, one good game three poor games,that’s not good enough,personally with so many talented players around I would sell.

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