Marc Cucurella defended in impressive and detailed thread

Marc Cucurella has been the Chelsea scapegoat of the week after a nervy showing against West Ham, and one video which did the rounds which was pretty damning of his performance.

One Twitter user has today written a really long, detailed and interesting thread defending Cucurella from some of the criticisms being tossed his way, and explaining in a little more detail what he is actually good at.

Whether or not you’re convinced, there’s no denying it’s a very cogent analysis and a lot of work has gone in to proving the author’s point.

You can see the first Tweet in the thread embedded here:


Having said that, it does also raise a lot of questions about why Cucurella was bought in the first place. If the guy has one assist and one goal all season, and puts in an average of one cross every 3 or 4 games, who on Earth thought he was the ideal £60m backup for Ben Chilwell?

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