Mason Mount needs a rest – but there’s a reason Graham Potter picks him

Mason Mount has really been out of form in the last couple of months, and fans are struggling to explain why.

One popular Tweet today pointed to one potential reason – his insane workload on the pitch in recent years. It noted he’s played 214 games in the last 3 and a half years.

It’s easy to forget now that Mount also had spells in his last two season where he dropped below his usual standards. The reason we forget is that he ended both campaigns playing well. We’re sure he will get back to it again, but a break from playing every week has helped him before, and we reckon it could again.

But there is a reason that Graham Potter has kept playing him, and it’s one that most Chelsea fans understand: because he’s one of our best and most important players. Potter sees the same struggles that we do, he just has the faith that Mount can get back to his best.


  1. I’m not a Mason Mount hater—he’s a fine player. But nor do I think he’s the star that SuperFrank seems to rate him. True stars are able to shine with unusual consistency even when opponents take extraordinary steps to stop them. Mount has never been “that guy,” and, to be fair to him, I just don’t think he has the goods athletically to ever get there. That’s not to say that he can’t make important contributions to Chelsea for years to come (especially with his creativity of thought), but his drop in form at precisely the time (these last couple of months) when Chelsea need someone to step up and spark the offense says it all. Star players are defined by their ability to shine amid adversity and Mount just hasn’t risen to the occasion. He’s obviously not alone in the current squad in that regard, so I’m not singling him out, just making the point that he’s not at the level of a Lampard or a Gerrard, and Chelsea are silly if they give in to his wage demands and pay him as if he is.

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