“More of the same” – Crazy Chelsea spending could go for “the next two years.”

Miguel Delaney’s piece about Chelsea’s “obscene” January spending is an interesting read, but rather than the moralising about how our £300m+ spending is bad for the game of football, we’re more interested in some of the concrete revelations at the bottom.

There has been a sense that the spending of this summer and this January were a necessary part of the take over as the new owners looked to get our squad back to where it needed to be to compete at the top, and that it would ease off now we’ve refreshed the first XI.

But it could be the opposite – Delaney claims that our owners see this spending on players as an investment on their asset, and that “the next two years will see more of the same lavish transfer business.”

It’s a scary thought for other teams, and for anyone at Chelsea not currently pulling their weight on the playing side. This could just be the start.


  1. Well Chelsea did a great job in dominating transfer window, it was always this kind of buying domination done by mancity,PSG,real Madrid and Manchester United but the time has changed Chelsea has dominated the transfer window by buying the player’s with smart contracts and we believe it’s not the end bohely is picking the pace by buying marquee player’s in the transfer window who has ability to change the game it’s been a long time Chelsea buyed some great marquee player’s with smart work and we wish our owner Todd bohely again do the same by buying in summer some quality player’s which Chelsea has eyes like gvardiol,leao,rice or caicedo, valhovic to fill the gaps where our old player’s are getting not enough creativity next transfer window Chelsea should sell pulisic, ziyech, Gallagher, harvetz, loftus cheek, kaloudiaby from this we can find palce to new recruits to play a quality time and let the club move in a winning spirit if jao felix play’s well to then we should get permanent let Lukaku get a chance to play he is a good player and strong and forward strength is very good with nkuku, Lukaku and fofana respect to owner and thanks for amazing transfers now every thing depends on potter to use recruits to make again winning position

  2. Pocos entienden o quieren entender que se trata de una renovación con visión a futuro, reclutar el mejor talento joven para un mediano o corto plazo de éxito, es una completa restructuracion en cada área poniendo a los mejores en cada línea eso es mente exitosa,
    Gracias Tío Abuvich te aseguraste en dejarnos en buenas manos con tío Toddy

  3. I wonder if Mr Delaney ever complained abiut all of the “obscene spending by Man U, Man City and Liverpool for donkeys years?

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