“More than one” Chelsea player “shocked” at being left out of squad

Matt Law’s big Monday column often shake things up, and that’s especially true when they have details like this in them.

Chelsea’s vastly bloated squad is causing nightmares not just on the wage bill and in training, but it’s also starting to cause (entirely predictable) divisions in the squad over who gets to be in the squad each week.

Law’s article today claims that “more than one” of the senior players were “shocked” at being left out of the matchday squad to face Tottenham on Sunday.

We’re not sure anyone should be shocked – there are about 30 senior players and only so many spaces on the bench. What they should be shocked by is how the club have got themselves into this mess in the first place through dreadful planning.

Incredibly, it’s only going to get worse. Christian Pulisic and N’Golo Kante will be back in training this week, deepening the squeeze even further.

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