Mykhailo Mudryk already facing decisive moments in early Chelsea career

Mykhailo Mudryk couldn’t have made much more of an impressive debut when he dazzled for half an hour against Liverpool as a sub last month.

However, in his starts since then he’s done almost nothing.

You can forgive him that – for one he’s a winger, a position which is very much “boom or bust.”

Secondly, of course, the whole team have been awful in those games, and Mudryk has barely had a sniff.

Nevertheless, he has a great chance to turn things around this weekend and needs to take it. After a game on the bench he should be fit and firing to take on Spurs on Sunday.

It’s a chance he needs to take – Raheem Sterling is back and fit and pressuring him for minutes, with Noni Madueke, Hakim Ziyech and a host of others also pushing to play.

He will be here for the long haul, and there will be ups and downs along the way – but this weekend is a big moment for his early Chelsea career.

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