“Not a peep of a fight or a row” – Inside at Chelsea after turmoil week

It feels like everyone and their dog has had their say on Graham Potter and Chelsea this week, and it’s certainly become a huge topic of conversation.

Chelsea were expected to beat Southampton at Stamford Bridge last Saturday but ended up losing and not scoring a goal. It set off a domino effect of turmoil surrounding the club with fans turning on Potter and demanding he is sacked.

Sources: Chelsea already working on signing a big name new striker this summer!

The club then came out via media reports backing Potter, despite rumours they could lose their patience. Well here we are on Thursday now, and Potter is still in charge going into Sunday’s next game against Tottenham.

And also, according to Matt Law of The Telegraph on London is Blue Podcast today, the players are not turning on him either.

In fact, he says that they like Potter, and that usually by now he would have heard about fights at training and the dressing room turning on Potter. But Law says he has not heard anything like that this time around.

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