“Phase of changes” – New Chelsea signing says club is “very well structured”

Chelsea are currently in a ‘phase of changes’ according to one of the top new signings they made in the January transfer window.

Blues fans are consistently being encouraged to be and stay patient for now as the club transitions during a huge squad rebuild and plenty of changes since the new owners came in.

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It’s all happened so fast, but big changes like this are always going to take time. And recent performances on the pitch have reflected a lot of changes so far. But things will get better, and the quality new arrivals will certainly make a huge difference once they all start gelling together.

Joao Felix is only in on loan, but he will surely be making a big difference in attack for Chelsea, and we’ve already seen great moments from him.

He has been explaining the Chelsea transition to AS in Spain, and he explains it very well.

On Chelsea, Felix said: “It’s a great club. The structures are very, very good, they have it all. They have a lot of people around the team to make everything OK and that makes all the difference. They are very well structured.

“It shows clearly by the signings and everything [that Chelsea are a rich club]. It’s changing the club inside, they’re putting new people in and they are in a phase of change. You can tell it’s a club that has a lot of money.”

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