“Potter’s style suits the approach of the owners far better” – Chelsea source reveals inside details

According to Matt Law from The Telegraph, inside sources with knowledge have told him that “Potter’s style suits the approach of the owners far better” and that the ownership did not take kindly to Thomas Tuchel’s response after the Arsenal game in pre season, where Chelsea lost 4-1.

Tuchel famously said “we have the same issues because we have the same players” and that is thought to have riled up Boehly and co after a summer of trying to improve the squad for him.

We don’t know everything that happened behind the scenes but it is evident that Tuchel and Boehly did not see eye to eye. Tuchel has so far not gone on record to explaining what went wrong during the end of his spell from his point of view.

The blame tactics to Tuchel seem to have continued in the piece from Matt Law with insiders pointing out that more problems were caused than solutions during the window with the German at the helm.

All of this leaves a question, Is potter a yes man? Is he someone the owners hired because they knew there would be no arguments or objections?

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  1. We want the manager (whoever they are) to have a collaborative relationship with the ownership. Don’t we? It appears Potter has that. To imply that makes him a “yes man” just doesn’t seem like a very sophisticated perspective, lol. I mean, have we heard any indication that the owners are trying to dictate his tactics/lineups or buy players he doesn’t want/need? No, not to my knowledge. They’ve done nothing but spend to try and help improve the club and, now that they’ve had time to hire professional staff to handle transfers and player development, it certainly appears as though the re-build is moving forward as a joint effort among all of these parties.

    This “yes man” business just seems like a manufactured controversy if you ask me!

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