Pundit slams Chelsea player who is “not doing anything” and questions what he brings

Things are really sour at Chelsea Football Club right now, nobody can hide away from that.

The manager is under major pressure, and the players are well in the firing line. Both are hideously under-performing right now and part of the reason Chelsea are going through such a rough patch of form and terrible performances.

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Some of the players are just not turning it on right now and there are major question marks over many of them. But one player has been inconsistent for quite some time now yet managers keep persisting with him. Kai Havertz has not shown anything to suggest he is a top player during his time at Chelsea, and he’s been even worse this season.

Former Aston Villa captain Gabby Agbonlahor says Havertz has done nothing to warrant a place in the team after “seeing off” his last two bosses. He said on talkSPORT: “Look at Havertz. I mean, he saw two managers off. He’s not doing anything.

“He’s not a No 9, he’s not a No 10. He’s not holding the ball up, he’s not scoring goals.”


  1. Agbonlahor is a blow hard!

    Havertz has been asked to play a position (the 9) for which he’s ill-suited, especially given the physicality of the Premier League. To his credit, he hasn’t bitched and moaned but gone out and put in a shift. Does that mean he should continue to play at the 9? No! We should have bought one in January or recalled Lukaku. But I can understand why Potter was hoping he might be able to make due with Havertz given the utter indifference and poor form Auba has shown. In any case, Havertz does not deserve attacks on his ability as a footballer.

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