Reece James set for latest Chelsea return with hope that injury nightmare is over

After two weeks off we’re back to Chelsea matchday action – and as before, the teamsheets leaks are back.

We’re worried about this in general, but in this case the news is so good it’s distracting.

Reece James will start tonight, brilliant news for all Blues.

The right back picked up an injury back in the Autumn, probably associated with the bad knee injury he had last season. He’s already returned from it once – but didn’t make it to the end of that comeback.

Let’s hope tonight’s game against Fulham goes better. One thing is for sure – he won’t be playing 90 minutes. If he makes it to the hour mark without any issues, we can guarantee he’s replaced as Graham Potter and his medical staff look to ease the wing back into Premier League action.

One hour of Reece James is enough to win most games, let’s not forget – especially when you’re facing Fulham.


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