“Regressing” Chelsea won’t be good enough for owners

David Ornstein has been on Sky Sports News this morning discussion Graham Potter and Chelsea’s future, and he had some home truths for the manager.

Ornstein has always been keen to point out how much the ownership are keen to back their chosen man, from the 5 year contract they gave him to the huge fee they paid Brighton for him and his staff.

But as the BBC journalist points out, that won’t save him forever.

“Potter is going to have to show sings of progress,” he claimed.

“And at the moment the team are regressing.”

There can be no denying that. It’s not just a lack of progress, it’s the fact that the more time the manager spends with this team, the worse they seem to get. The owners may well have spent a lot, but they’re not going to back him indefinitely, and seeing the well connected Ornstein starting to open the door for his departure must be very worrying.

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