The 5 reasons that Graham Potter is still in a job – according to sources close to the owner

The new Chelsea ownership are a lot more leaky than the old ownership, unsurprisingly, and when we hear something from one of the top insiders like Matt Law, you can be pretty sure it’s coming right from the top. How else would Law have this sort of insight?

In this case, Law’s piece is laid out as 5 reasons Chelsea haven’t sacked Graham Potter yet, and it’s almost as though we’re reading direct from the screen of Todd Boehly.

The reasons are as follows:

  • The board understand more of the behind the scenes difficulties Potter has faced that the fans don’t know about (e.g. having to rest key players on Saturday).
  • Potter’s calm style is more in line with what the owners want in a coach.
  • The owners respect his bravery in leaving a stable job at Brighton.
  • A period of pain after such major changes was always expected.
  • The owners want to copy Manchester City’s model – Pep Guardiola won nothing in his first season but ended up winning a lot.

Now to us, none of those are really a good reason to not sack him. But then again, what do we know?

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