“The best ever Premier League performance” – John Motson’s most famous Chelsea moment

John Motson has died today at 77, and for Chelsea fans there will only be one thing they will be remembering about the legendary BBC commentator.

After Chelsea had got firing in Antonio Conte’s first season, and as we hit our stride in November, Motson was in place at Stamford Bridge to watch us smash 5 past Everton.

He called it “the best ever Premier League performance,” and there aren’t many better qualified to say that than the veteran pundit.

It was a really special game, and one that marked the high point of Antonio Conte’s time at the club. Hazard was at his brilliant best, and everything was clicking. We felt unstoppable.

Sadly, it was a fleeting moment, but we will never forget it. And a great part of that is thanks to Motson’s brilliant summary of the game.

You can hear his commentary in the clip embedded here:

Rest in peace, Motty.

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