“The players need a manager they’re intimidated by” – Former Spurs player despairs at Potter’s personality

Jamie O’Hara is not exactly Brain of Britain, but even he can see that the writing is on the wall for Graham Potter.

On TalkSport this morning, the former Spurs midfielder laid out exactly why he thought Potter had no chance of turning things around.

It’s a very basic view of the game and the dressing room, and perhaps leans on an old idea of manager as scary, shouty and belligerent. We all know that managers don’t have to be like that anymore.

But if you want to be the quiet, considered type, you’d better have a strong record of success, and at the moment Potter just doesn’t have that.

“The players need a manager they’re intimidated by,” O’Hara claimed.

“I don’t know if Graham Potter scares these players.”

We don’t think he has to scare them as such, he just has to impress them or motivate them in some way.

At the moment, his press conferences are so dull we can barely watch. We can’t imagine his team talks are much better.

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