“The worst Chelsea I have seen in over 20 years” – Blues dismal performance gets big criticism from former Arsenal man

Paul Merson has used his weekly column on Sky Sports to describe Chelsea’s performance against Tottenham at the weekend – and let’s just say he wasn’t too positive.

The former Arsenal defender described it as the “worst I have seen at Chelsea in over 20 years.”

He also said it was “the most hostile I have ever heard it among the Chelsea support.”

The two things are pretty clearly linked.

He also attacked how “slow” the whole team was, claiming that he could have played in that team as a 54 year old.

Chelsea did play a few nice passes in the opening minutes, but after that looked pretty happy to sit back and wait for Spurs to score. That goal came at the start of the second half, and after that there was no urgency, no response and simply no quality from Graham Potter’s team.

We’ve seen this team go through some pretty dodgy spells in defence and in attack over the years, but it’s hard to think of a time where the entire system was as dysfunctional as it is now.


  1. He said before the game that if Chelsea left out the 2 young wingers Chelsea would win 3-0,well they were left out,what happened to his expect prediction,he would be better off letting Chelsea get on with their plan and keep his so called expect decisions to himself.

  2. Pattern emerging, frank, Thomas, graham all those that have played under them seem to have lost the whole point of the game, to score goals, it doesn’t seem that long ago we were laughing at arsenal for their tippy tappy football trying to score the perfect goal and here we are 3 mangers all playing the same football either that or the squad old and new are refusing to attempt to score. Two attempts on target against a poor spurs team. no matter what team/division everyone wants to score yet at the bridge no one wants to. We have great crossers of the ball, hardly a decent cross goes in, such is the love for side ways and back passing no one knows if the ball will ever be put in the box, striker after striker never being fed. It’s not rocket science. get back to basics get the ball in the box and mix it up.

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