Thiago Silva reveals some of the secrets of his recovery schedule

If there’s one thing that continues to amaze us at Chelsea, it’s Thiago Silva’s ability play so regularly, even at the ripe old age of 38.

There will be greater component to this incredible longevity than genetics (unfortunately for the rest of us), but those good genes would be worthless without his incredible work ethic. He’s clearly worked with amazing determination since a very young age to keep himself in peak condition, and he’s reaping the rewards of that now.

He’s picked up a few tips and tricks along the way, as well as some interesting pieces of technology. As he explained in his long form piece on the Chelsea official website, a large part of this is working with the training staff and the medical team to make sure his schedule is perfectly crafted.

“For me to help [the team], I need to be physically well, I need to be well recovered. We have a great communication with staff, because I tell them that I need to be well,” Silva explained.

“If I’m tired, besides damaging the defence, I won’t be able to help my team. So we have this plan that is a little different to the other players, but I’m always on the [training] pitch, every day, I’m never outside of the game and I hope the season ends this way.

In Paris [Saint-Germain] I had a very bad injury in the posterior of my thigh that I couldn’t get back,” the defender explained to illustrate how technology had helped him along the way.

“Every time I came back, I felt that little pain again. That’s where I got the idea of talking to Victor. I bought the hyperbaric chamber and by that time, things worked out. The injury went away quickly. I didn’t stop doing it.

“Leandrinho and I exchanged a lot of ideas. He recently stopped playing, but he has good ideas about recovery equipment. We know we won’t get very far, but I want to finish in a dignified way. I don’t want to finish with a cane! I want to finish in a way that I still feel good, you know?”

Whatever he’s doing off the pitch, it’s working wonders, and he’s exhibiting the benefits of exceptional professionalism for all to see.

We signed him on a one year deal initially – but he’s in his third year now, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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