“This is not how you do business” – PSG furious with Chelsea over Ziyech calamity

Poor Hakim Ziyech is back in London after his move to PSG fell apart at the last minute.

It seems with the big dogs in Lisbon sorting out the Enzo Fernandez deal things were a bit ropey on the home front, and there are various stories about the last few minutes before the 11pm deadline seeing incorrect attachments and missing signatures capsizing the whole thing.

The Parisian club are furious, and Kaveh Solhekol has some pretty damning quotes from a “source” apparently close to the club.

“Last night was an absolute shambles, Chelsea will not darken PSG’s doorstep ever again. This is not how you do business or treat a player,” the incandescent quote seethed. It doesn’t sound like we will be signing Leo Messi anytime soon, then.


From the outside it’s hard to know exactly what happened and exactly who was at fault. It’s very easy to blame Chelsea, but it’s equally easy to blame PSG for waiting until deadline day to push for Ziyech.

Without knowing more, it’s hard to know who is truly at fault – but we suspect PSG wouldn’t be this furious if the problems were on their end.


  1. What a load of b*llocks. 100% Chelsea did the dirty and adds further proof the club has the wrong management and admin team. Utter shambles. This will enslxourage others to avoid Chelsea and proves we have fallen way down from our glorious days of being true champions of Europe.

    1. Que haces aquí parisino? Infórmate antes.
      Pide referencias a Brighton, Napoli, etc
      Tu psg perezoso y lento quiere todo gratis

  2. Jajaja PSG son el chiste sin gracia, dejaron a última hora para pujar por Ziyech, deberían de pedir una máster clase a Todd de como hacer verdaderos negocios, excelentes movimientos de la administración de chelsea

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