Thousands of Chelsea fans vote on poll towards Graham Potter

I took to Twitter last night to share my thoughts on the West Ham game, once I had done that, I listened to Twitter spaces and scrolled through plenty of debates between fans about Graham Potter, some defending him, some saying he needs to go, some not quite sure, some were just confused as to what to think.

Amongst all this, I decided to run a poll for a day to see the overall position of the fans. Over 100,000 votes were recorded with the majority at 54% wanting Graham Potter to be sacked.

You have to take into context that the poll I did was on the day of a bad result however with such a large majority of votes, I think you can trust a heavy percentage to think rationally based on everything so far, not just yesterday’s result.

Potter needs to win on Wednesday, it would certainly prove to be a huge boost ahead of the Southampton match on the weekend.


  1. I’m a #1 Chelsea fan from USA even my 14 years old daughter ‘s name is Chelsea, but what I learned right now is a Coach ‘s problem because Chelsea FC invested a lot of money got a new and young players. So this Coach (Potter needs to go. If Chelsea want get back for winning

    1. Me too. Todd Boehly needs to be ruthless and humble enough like Roman to get a coach whose history intimidates him. Like Zidane, Jose Mourinho, Ancelotti, etc. It’s not just about players. Get a coach that can turn those players into diamonds and stars. Potter is good but not ready for a team like chelsea

    2. My cat has been named Chelsea by my kids…
      I think Potter struggles to manage this hugely upgraded team, however, I think the players need some time to get the chemistry going. Step by step, game by game. No one told that with new management, coach, and players the team will start winning. Just waiting for another season I think is what we are to do.

    3. I am chelsea fan Mesfin Legesse from Ethiopia, Um agree with you, the main problem for Chelsea right now is the coach, because he had got many advantages to take short time building to the team including the break for the pass of Queen Elizabeth ll and the world cup. When we see how the results are going through is what the coach’s style of play is leading it. His philosophy is still unclear, neither the team is defending nor attacking under this Coach, instead potter is selecting eleven player as football’s rule, The calculations in his previous club BHO is not complex because there were at most fourteen or fifteen XI players who doesn’t confuse the selection, this is Chelsea with numerous history of honours, you can’t admired by anyone in this club getting one win six matches that is for BHO with no clear starting of the season may be to stay in the league. Therefore, Potter is not enough to coach this great club

    4. Chelsea have world class players. Yet G.Potter does not seem able to motivate the team or how set the team up. He has tried many different formulas and cannot get a win.

      If Chelsea sell Mason Mount, they will rue that day for a long time.

  2. That 54% vote is definitely an emotional one even though your target was 100 thousand. GP did state in a media release not to expect an immediate effect from the new players as they all would require time to settle in the team and league. The Fans of Chelsea either forgot that or did not pay attention to the media releases. Take your Poll after the next two games and see what results are obtained.

    1. So even if we had won against West Ham, I would still say Potter should leave. He is not a good fit. Too undecisive and lack the big team mentality for us blues. Give him Messi and he still can’t do it. The history and glory seem to weigh on him

    2. The result would still be same. There won’t be improvement. That’s the fact.
      No amount of time can get Potter on track. He’s way behind.

    1. Chelsea is restless about being in 9th position but Potter is not that restless. And you can’t blame him but the owners. He is used to being there. You want to win bring a coach who hates being second on the table. Mourinho will break some legs to move us up. He will be sent off to get us up and if he doesn’t he will just leave. That’s Chelsea!

    2. Exactly my point…The man called potter because apparently he isn’t fit to be called a Chelsea coach.. His totally clueless with what to do with the team.. No motivation at all… Chelsea FC is far bigger than Potter.. you can’t come to one of the biggest club in Europe and want them to give you the whole season to create something… Potter has got the best squad any manager will dream of but still His just hanging there like a shit hole..

  3. I think potter is meant for a smaller team who is just coming up not an established team like Chelsea. He has nothing to offer us, as am putting up this write up am so angry doing this,so sorry Mr potter if we continue with this trend of allowing little team to draw or pull a win from us we should just forget about the champions league next season. So I will be giving Mr boehly a great advice he should sack Mr potter now while the sun is still shinning. Plz go Mr graham potter, I meant no harm put your giving me grief and pain everyday remembering where we are on the table. Thank you

  4. Mr potter is not cut out for this kinda job. When you have a very quality team like ours all you need to make them work better is a very quality coach. We shouldn’t have let Mr tuchel go. Be it as it may, we can still tight this wrong by letting potter leave and get more quality (experienced) gaffer.

  5. Potter is a good coach that the fact, but Potter being at Chelsea at this time and afraid.because the way the players play compared to the way they play on Potter first ten games to now that different.The technical don’t have winning as me board need to sit with Potter

  6. Mr potter thanks for that time u have been with us. Am walugendo Yokosan nicknamed the blue afan of Chelsea from Uganda,I think graham potter is not class of chelsea. Chelsea is abig team which needs experienced coaches and I remember very well the day Chelsea sacked tomas tuchel I never ate food .so Mr boely I as achelsea fan I do request u to return our germanian man TT.Thanks and big up to all my fellow Chelsea fan

  7. Africa (Kenya) I come from.
    I believe on tuchel tactics,thus winning champions league with the same players lampard could not realize their best at that time in the premier league, and now lampard’s weakness is evidence even after he had left Chelsea. kindly take that perspective on potter now,
    POTTER Aught to have been sacked long ago immediately after World cup.
    People learn from mistakes made or different experience levels, it’s not the right time for potter at Chelsea,
    I have examples of two games that proved me of his less skills for a big team(s) (chelsea).
    1.Chls vs N.forest in which he dominated the whole first half and failed to make it to the net, furthermore comes second half he loses the dominance and forest took over and equalizes ,
    Chls vs Westham dominating the whole much but objective not met,
    Finally players are trying and they only need coach’s Skills to earn 3 points, especially finishing zone,
    Tuchel kindly give space for another colleague to drive the team to top 4.

  8. My suggestion is to bring back TT , Chelsea got best players where by what is needed is good combination of players and good tactic . TT did nothing wrong , if he had such good players I am telling you this could have been his dream team

  9. We should immediately look for how to return Tuchel back to the team called Chelsea I was overwhelmed with the way this man Thomas handled our Chelsea during those hectic days of the ban, its very difficult to find a technician as devoted as him,Boely please you made a great mistake please run and go for him now before you loose off

  10. Please let graham potter go out from Chelsea him and also cucurella didn’t deserve to be in Stamford bridge

  11. Maybe the owners are afraid to look bad by sacking a second coach in a season because it’s too clear that Potter lack the mentality to carry Chelsea. Coaching a huge team with glorious history is a mental thing more than anything else. Potter is good but even if you give him 1billion he can’t win with Chelsea. He is not there yet. Let him go now before you ruin the careers of those young players- the club is already in ruins!

    The new owners need to be ruthless like Roman if they want to keep Chelsea up

  12. Give Potter the all the time, he won’t take chelsea beyond middle table. He is middle table manager. If he still at Brighton, they would have dropped down. The new signings are already good. They don’t need too many games to gel. Chelsea needs a title winning manager. The earlier the better

  13. Give Potter all the time, he won’t take chelsea beyond middle table. He is middle table manager. If he still at Brighton, they would have dropped down. The new signings are already good. They don’t need too many games to gel. Chelsea needs a title winning manager. The earlier the better

  14. Please Todd bohley sack Graham potter for we the fans around the global it has painned us too much mr bohley
    am supporting chelsea from guinea conakry so the best things is to sack Potter we are not here to be annoyed every day look at his results draw against fulham , brentford, liverpool, westham loose against Newcastle and others that doesn’t mean good business at all potter out 10000 percent
    Bring us back Thomas tuchel or other good replacement for us to be happy back please mr bohley and mr eghbaly

  15. Get Tuchel back. Potter is not for a big club like Chelsea. You have to be an iron fist to combine old and new players in the team. It’s getting out of control. Management has to sell players immediately if they don’t count on them. Also, to the management, negotiate the new contracts as soon as possible. Come on. Freaking slow.

  16. I totally understand the disappointment of the lack of success at the moment, but you have to take in what’s happened over the past 9 months or so! The constraints and upheaval of losing our owner of nearly 20 years. The months of uncertainty of the club being auctioned. The new owners coming in with no experience in football, their eradication of all those behind the scenes who were part of what made Chelsea successful. The new owners coming in with good intentions and money too improve Chelsea. The massive amount of injuries, including vital players unavailable, plus key players leaving cos contracts could not be negotiated. Multiple new signings brought in to help rebuild the squad, which needs time to play together, to gel and build again. Any manager would need time to get these players playing together, time in the premier league doesn’t stop and there are no easy matches. This team will get better, but it’s not Potters fault. Everyone expects success immediately. Let Potter do his job, he has been successful at every club he has been with. If we get any European football next season he will have done well…put up with the situation. We will come good!

  17. Never understood why Tuchel was let go. He was out most successful manager in years. Champions League, European Super Cup, and World Club Cup but also F.A. Cup finals two year in a row, Champions League Qualification, and regular top four finish.
    Instead we have Graham Potter who apart from his time in Sweden had won nothing, had never managed a big club and in terms of up and coming managers Thomas Frank at Brentford has done a better job with better playing style.

  18. Tuchel or JOHN TERRY ….TERRY needs to step up n make a name for himself at STAMFORD BRIDGE…. this is the time, cz he has good players at his disposal…TERRY’S tactics will suit this new CHELSEA team

  19. Chelsea is loosing his value gradually, Potter knows nothing can’t take us to the green pastures…Get him sack , before it’s too late..

  20. Potter should have time these are the players
    He wanted give him a chance to coach them
    Injuries have ruined our season , take the amount
    Of quality players out injured from any top side
    See if they could cope, at Brighton they played
    Good attractive football given time with our young
    Players we will challenge next season

  21. Don’t no why my lovely Chelsea fc is waiting time on showing potter exit door this man is not the right man for job we have quality player’s with average coach he potter don’t know the player to play he don’t know the player to substitute he does not know the player that playing well in th field of play pls we need morinho zidane Simone tuchel this are the quality that can make us heat the ground running

  22. We’ve had 8 managers in the last 10 years alone! This club (and this fan base) have got to develop a bit more foresight (and patience?). I’ll never suggest we should accept losing, but let’s face it—we’re in the situation we’re in due in no small part to the coaching carousel we’ve seen over the last decade. It created incredible churn tactically which has lead to a pattern of transfers over time that totally lack coherence. Just look at the squad at the start of the season! It’s a mish-mash of odd parts brought in from across at least 5 different managers and it’s a BIG reason we’re a shambles at the moment. You can assemble a squad of stars, but that in no way guarantees you winning football if those stars don’t complement one another and serve to build whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. We see evidence of this weekly at CFC!

    Sacking Potter is not the solution. He may or may not be the right man for the next ten years, but then you would have to go back about 50 years to find the last time Chelsea kept a manager that long! For god’s sake, we have got to stop trying to sack or transfer our way to success and do what Arsenal, Liverpool, City, and Utd are all doing (or have done for 5-6 years)—back a manager and his vision and BUILD something! We’ve got to stop it with this incessant belief that success can simply be bought and delivered overnight and, instead, look to ride out the current lack of results at least until the end of the season (ie, until Potter has had a fair shot to work with this group of new arrivals and recently-returned-from-injury players).

    1. 100% correct imo, we have to give coaches time. The younger generation of fans seem to want a quick fix for everything. I believe Potter will be able to turn this around, he’s only had some of these players for a matter of weeks and our injury list would have tested any team. We have to give him till the end of the season at the very least. If the performances haven’t improved by then, then he will probably be gone….but not NOW!! Have some patience people, not everything can be fixed instantly unfortunately, thats not how it works, it takes time and there is a process.

    2. Well said sir, a very astute analysis of the situation. I agree with you…he should stay at least until the end of the season.

  23. Potter is bleeding us dry every player has got worse under him including Mason Mount apart from the new ones WHO HAVEN’T BEEN “POTTERED” YET

  24. Of course, it may take time to gel the new signings. But, even without the new signings it is not fair for this big club to be on 9th. This place doesn’t deserve Chelsea team #B. We are clearly witnessing the team is losing & drawing merely due to clear mistake in lineup. Eg. On ChelWest: Chelsea’s system is clearly based on attacking for on both flanks. But, one flank was, left, was totally crippled due to Cucurella. This sacrificed one great talent – Mudryk. This was immediately changed when Chilwel entered the pitch; but, unfortunately, Mudryk was no more on the pitch to create good combination. Ultimately, 2 Pont’s are sacrificed.

  25. Great pointers ,give him some time and the current squad as well to gel cause this to me is the best and deepest squad we’ve had so let them get uase to each other and the coach’s system , don’t forget what potter did at Brighton and just like him who makes a big step so are all these new signings and so it is even for the owners so they need our support and patience as fans as well cause we’re all in the same ship and it’s a long ride

    Blessed blues

  26. Am Okari from kisii Kenya Potter will relegate Chelsea.Kindly look for a more professional coach like Tuchel, Zidane and the rest.

  27. Potter is just a bad name for Chelsea he has lack of coaching tactics he needs to go actually Todd Bohely should not give him time let Potter be sacked how can a big club like Chelsea suffer this with a coach full of lack of tactics

  28. Mr potter currela and Kai must rest make the use of Aub and fofana ..Marc
    is killing our New boy Murdryk

  29. Boely is like you want to start again from where you start this man called Potter is going to run your life if you don’t sack him pls we want Potter sack before midweek thank you

  30. My take is that Mr Potter is confused if not why on earth you have two strikers In a team and decided not to use any of them rather sticked with Kai as a false 9. Who does that as a coach even when he needs goals to win game. He should pls leave my team because the lack intensity, attacking and very boring to watch.

  31. i was always of the opinion that potter is a mid team manager. now i even doudt that. he is defenitely a high school coach. boely need to swallow his pride and bring back everyone he fired. if not…. mou is intersed in coming back.

  32. The club have a talented pool of players, but they must be positioned to play to their best position. No emotional compassion to play your favourite player(s) when they are off-formed. Players must be aware of their teammates’ strengths. No selfishness be tolerated.

  33. remember the story of Ferguson and manchester united, Remember the story of Arsen Wenger and Arsenal. There are many examples like that. Let us be patient with Potter. I am ensuring you; we will be singing for him soon

  34. Chelsea philosophy couldn’t resist such a very weak current premearleage result. We always need top and we have being suffering every weekend its result. So he has to go!

  35. Chelsea is playing good football but let potter stick on the same squad every match day not like changing players and let him use either fofana aubamanyan false 9 not kai

  36. Totally, sacking this high school coach is short term solution, then the blues will end season at least in European competition, other wise you can see the worst time for our biggest club is closing in the next couple of weeks okay. We are now facing arsenal era of football thirsty american consortium are patient to sack unfair coach i mean to say director, Azpi is better to lead this team he Chelsea blood he knows the hierarchy of the that’s pride of london

  37. Please our Chelsea board think twice, to what happened to Lampard he bought top quality players but failed to combine them, bring back Tomas tuchel or look for another coach then don’t sack potter maker him an assistant manager because he knows players to bring to the team then Chelsea will be the strongest team in England

  38. I think GP needs more time but that doesn’t guarranttee him to sit down and watch CFC go on relegation. Actually there were some inprovement on our last match against westham. But He needs to do something about cucurella. its becoming obvious that cururella negleted mudryk through out untill he was subtituted. Ben chinwe is back

  39. I see that GRAHAM can’t give us top 4, he lacks technical abilities to transform the team instantly to a winning team, he’s short of winning mentality and he’s seen as a non tactician, so in my opinion as we are tired of unfortunate results and heartbreak each match day, he should leave the dugout for a more offensive and ambitious manager as we are known of instant success, preceding every manager’s departure.

  40. Chelsea had winning and loosing coaches in the past .The only way teams do in order to come to winning way is to sack the loosing managers .Take example of other teams .Potter must be sacked

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