Todd Boehly attends Cobham training ground

Todd Boehly was once again in attendance today at Cobham training ground as the players prepare for a huge derby against Spurs.

Chelsea had yesterday off but were back today, they are also expected to hold another session tomorrow.

Todd Boehly was seen standing next to Potter smiling as they watched the players.

Boehly and Egbhali have been regulars in London ever since they completed the takeover. It’s nice as a fan to see the owners so involved, we never really got to see Roman Abramovich make many appearances alongside the manager but then again some fans could rightly argue that the owner should stay out of the manager’s way and let him coach whilst they conduct business off the pitch.

Some fans in the replies to my tweet have rightly questioned why they are smiling following the defeat to Southampton. You would expect hard work and brutal talks but it’s clear to see that’s the way it’s not going to go anymore.

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