(Video): “Catacylismic error sacking Tuchel” – Pundits don’t hold back criticising Chelsea’s owners

While the pundits in the UK tend to tread pretty carefully, you can always rely on the wild ride of Andy Gray and Richard Keys’ show on BeinSports to give you the harsh truth.

Assessing Chelsea’s mess, they said the club had made a “cataclysmic error sacking Thomas Tuchel.”

He had the respect of the players and despite some struggles, would surely have done far better with the squad Potter now has available to him.

The only thing they didn’t agree on was whether Graham Potter had failed or was failing.

Talk about a moot point, if there ever was one!

You can see their comments in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Chelsea boss must know the different of having money and pitch skills for winning a match ,
    In fact the truth is now out, “sacking tuchel is now haunting the whole Chelsea fratanity” including those who were against that reckless decision “

  2. Sacking Tomas was a foolish decision made based on poor information and people who don’t know soccer. It should be reversed if Tomas would come back. We need him before we get into further trouble.

  3. The owners have created much of the problem, by sacking Tuchel just after the Summer transfer window had closed. In effect, they allowed Tuchel to choose most of the many new players and then expected any manager to come in after Tuchel and succeed. Most very experienced managers would have struggled with the 17 players added to the squad and no departures. Unfortunately, Potter was at a very different club to Brighton and lacked the experience to turn things around.Too much too soon.

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