(Video): Chelsea denied clear penalty by stunning VAR call

This might well be a new low for VAR.

They had just taken about twenty minutes to rule out an obvious offside for West Ham, but when it came to a handball in the box from West Ham, they simply waved it away.

The ball didn’t just strike Tomas Soucek’s arm – he literally deflected the ball wide of the post. We are the harshest critics of VAR you’ll find, but even we were sure they couldn’t possibly miss this one. This one is going to have to be addressed.

You can see the moment in the clip embedded here:

[Footage from PLP]


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  1. No doubt about it if you watched the game today that was a true handball, but I don’t want happened to Chelsea with all FA officials

  2. Dreadful. This is precisely what VAR is supposed to address. Maybe the ref misses it in real-time, but Soucek HAS NO REASON to go down except to place his hand in the way of the ball!!! There should be zero question of whether this is incidental and for it to receive no second look is simply jaw-dropping.

    Professional sports leagues in America almost universally require review of close plays in the final minutes of a game because they can be so decisive in determining the outcome (and in the NBA such reviews are always accompanying by an official explanation to fans/viewers). I think there’s an argument to be made that the on-field referee should be required to step to a monitor in end-of-game situations like this. It should never be left in the (apparently incompetent) hands of a faceless official in some booth somewhere.

  3. Should I say that in premier league it’s FA to decide who wins the championship, because many things are done during matches but FA doesn’t intervene to correct the mistakes . VAR works for specific team .I remember recently when Man united was called from dressing room to take penalty after the match had ended due to poor VAR officials .their is a big problem when it comes VAR. If you don’t know to use it get Italian referees to teach you. You are disgusting. Don’t favor other teams because you don’t support team is playing against.

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