(Video): Chelsea owners set Christian Pulisic price tag

Chelsea are set to have as many as six departures from the club this summer, potentially more, reports Fabrizio Romano.

An interesting line from the video below was that Chelsea have set an asking price of 35 million pounds to let Pulisic go.

When you consider that Pulisic is still young player with lots of talent and ability, a price tag of 35 million pounds seems cheap, especially when you factor in the sale of Anthony Gordon who is half the player Christian is, leave Everton for 40 million pounds plus add ons.

Personally I hope Christian stays at the club next season unless we plan to sign another winger after his sale.

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  1. The Gordon/Pulisic comparison is quite poignant and I think it speaks to how world football systematically undervalues American players (just as it overvalues Brazilians, as anyone who’s read “Soccernomics” is well aware).

    It’s a shame Chelsea have so consistently failed to put faith in Pulisic. He’s had terrible luck with untimely injuries, but he also received next to no benefit of the doubt when he’s experienced dips in form. While other young players have experienced their periodic dips in form, favorites like Mount were allowed to play through it. Pulisic was benched. It was plainly evident at the time (and is now crystal clear in retrospect) that (not unlike the recent revelation of Mourinho reducing a young Salah to tears in the dressing room) Chelsea did too little to support Pulisic’s confidence and ultimately stunted his development. Sadly, for Chelsea, this simultaneously deprived them of Pulisic’s best (glimpses of which we saw during the pandemic restart), but has now devalued him as a club asset.

    I’m certainly not making the case that Pulisic is the next Salah (he’s not), but some club is going to get a pretty sweet deal on him.

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