(Video): Chelsea’s most disappointing player this season is unanimous

Football Daily’s “Sunday Vibes” show was all about the most disappointing player for each club.

Mason Mount was chosen as Chelsea’s nominee.

They said that they had an avalanche of suggestions for Mount, from Chelsea fans and non-Chelsea fans.

We’re not surprised – he has been poor, but he’s also the ultimate scapegoat of the team. Some fans take more pleasure in criticising him than they do in supporting the team.

We agree he’s been very disappointing. But partly that’s just because we have such high standards for him. Just look who has been picked for other clubs – Bernardo Silva, Fabinho etc. They’re all great players, and any great player can have a bad season.

You can see their discussion in the clip embedded here:

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  1. “Disappointing” doesn’t necessarily mean “worst”—it implies expectations were significantly higher than what he’s delivered. Has Mount been a little out of form? Yeah, definitely compared to the high bar (and upward trajectory) he’d set the last two years. But that in no way means he’s been totally bad.

    I, for one, have never felt he was quite as special as some of the hype, but anyone rating his recent performances needs to also look at the circumstances—a new manager, tons of new players in the squad, and a grueling schedule with a mid-season World Cup. Is he worth 300k/week? No. But will he bounce back to being a major contributor? Definitely.

    1. The things about Mount, is that he is the same player as Frank Lampard.
      Both aren’t technical/special born players, they are average quality with a lot of love for Football!
      On the other hand, both has a special power that gifted players always lack, that is winning mentality & will to be their best version.
      Lampard always had it, but it was the special push of Mourinho who made Lampard become the unique World Class player he was!
      But we are living in a modern Era of the Premier League, where the league evolves every season!
      And unfortunately, if you are not a top player, you need to evolve as well, every season.
      That’s what Mount needs right now, is to look for his weakness to improves, to strengthen his powers & inherit new ones!
      The same about Kai Havertz, despite being a gifted player, Havertz needs to take a massive look inside of himself to better/evolve himself and start playing his best Football, while as well developing a ironclad mentality!

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