(Video): Fabrizio Romano gives fresh verdict on whether Graham Potter will be sacked

Nobody can hide from it anymore, Graham Potter is seriously under pressure as the Chelsea manager, there are no two ways about it.

Fabrizio Romano has the very latest as of Sunday night. And it looks like for now at least, Chelsea are still supporting and backing Potter despite the latest defeat. But how much longer will they be able to take this stance with huge pressure from the fan base to sack him, as well as pressure building up from the media?

Sources: Todd Boehly’s reaction when Harry Kane scored Tottenham’s second goal yesterday!

Romano says that their will be internal talks held by the board in the coming hours and days to speak about the situation, so things could soon change. But as of after the game, the board are still taking the same stance of backing and supporting Potter.

As seen in the video below, Romano said: “Internally many people feel he deserves some time, and this is still the message after Spurs. Time to support and back the manager. Many top agents are approaching Chelsea to offer them their clients (managers). This is normal. But the situation is getting tense. Let’s see what happens after new round of talks, Chelsea will meet again to discuss the situation in the coming hours and days.”


  1. I believe Potter’s mission is to relegate our dear team to championship

    Ever i have been supporting Chelsea we’ce never had it bad as this

    To me I will nominate Potter as the most destructive coach of the season

  2. The owners are the enemy of the club. There is nothing that will come out of Potter. He needs to work under someone like Pep or any top coach to get more experience.
    I foreseen that Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital and bend to take Chelsea to relegation. This is a top club that needs results and trophies often. You cannot spend this big and sit and cross your legs and see the club is going down. Todd Boehly is the worst owner and the enemy of the club. Oh how I miss Roman and oh how I hate Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital.

  3. Graham potter has failed as Chelsea coach.
    Nothing good is coming out from him accept doom. Chelsea is bigger than him.

  4. The players don’t like his patterns of coaching. How can Chelsea spent that huge amount of money and nothing good is coming out. Every match he always saying one rubbish comments and the other.
    If potter is a student he as failed already.
    I don’t know what the boards are waiting for ? They want him to take Chelsea to relegation first before they sack him. The fans are very angrily bitter.
    Sack him now before it’s too late.

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