(Video): Graham Potter told he’s ‘the worst manager’ in Chelsea’s history

It was a bad day for Graham Potter and Chelsea yesterday, and the gloom hovers over Stamford Bridge as a result.

The Blues lost 1-0 to bottom of the table Southampton at home in the Premier League, and for many fans, this has become the final straw and patience has gone.

After the game yesterday, a reporter told Potter than one fan said he is the worst manager in Chelsea’s history, in the video seen below. Potter’s looked completely deflated with his reactions, which is not surprising at all.


  1. Time for chelsea Manager to go ,to many excuses every new conference is the same . Job is to big for him no passion. The club is to big for him . Every manger we have had most of them have experience as a player and won things . Yes brighton played nice football under him but that does not mean he should get a big job like Chelsea and I am bored with not enough english managers get big job . Well look what he is doing at chelsea . Not good enough . Yes we brought in 8 new players and they need to get together but what happened before that. He has lost 9 games tell me last manager to that . Todd he need to go before chelsea fall apart. Wake up and listen to the Fans . You can just put down to a decision that was tried and did not work Potter sacked ASAP

  2. Please sir boehly sack Potter before we would see our selves competing with championship side.i know u trust him so much but he is not the right person for this job.pls call back tuchel or zidine zidane

  3. This man is way too low is every right. No structure, no plan and direction. This is the most boring team I have ever seen in my entire life of watching football. How many years does or will you take you to assemble a squad to even play nice football and then talk more of scoring a goal?…It shows you are not it at all mahn. I put the blame on the new owners thinking just buying all sorts of talents would change anything. You sent a world class coach out the door and then go ahead to sign a mid table coach just bcos they play nice football…Now where is the direction with this new hyped English coach who lacks experience, never won anything as a football manger and where is the nice football u intend to play with the Chelsea team…So clueless, nonsense substitute and favoritism on some players. And yet so relaxed!!!..He is even always seen clapping when the team is loosing and the boys are also smiling while loosing. Where is the urgency, this is not Chelsea again! Boely and Co, what is your intention with this football club, cos clearly, you guys are getting it all wrong. Even if rebuild was the aim, do you see any rebuild with this nonsense you are doing or rather dragging the whole club backwards again?….What the hell is happening in this club…Is there no one with brain in there to see you guys made a terrible mistake bringing this lad and signing him on a 5year contract???….Are you all dumb???!!!

    If you like keep him there for 20years afterwards, it’s your stupidity, pride and lack of direction. You think football is biscuit?….You seat at the far end of the stadium to watch crap n smile while a champions league team with so much pride and virtue is dragged to the mud with your stupid decisions and yet you say you are rebuilding! Rebuilding to get ridiculed each match?…You guys are really funny!

  4. Potter should go and boehly should know if potter remains chelsea will face hard time in championship next season

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