(Video): How to fix Chelsea as quickly as possible

Chelsea are in a bad way right now, and fans are scrambling all over to find a solution.

On Sky Sports’ Football Daily show they did a whole 20 minutes section on what the Blues could do to turn things around.

Much like Graham Potter, they struggled to find a way to turn things around easily – we’ve just got to get the ball in the net, ultimately.

Unfortunately, when one of your suggested fixes is bringing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang back into the team, you know you’re struggling for solutions.

You can see their discussion in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Let’s be patient,it’s not as if we’ll be relegated,look we’ve changed owners, prior to that been barred from signings,then a new manager then a whole new squad (which is quite an upgrade in my opinion) so let’s give them and us time to see ,I would take a short fall a Long reign my view, blue lion

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