(Video): Lost Graham Potter explains where Chelsea went wrong in defeat

Graham Potter is getting pretty used to explaining bad results to the TV cameras now.

This week he was able to admit he was “disappointed” that his team had conceded just after half time.

He has this bizarre habit – extremely evident here – of just running back over the events of the game in order, as though to explain away what happened. Here, he talks about the opposition goals coming from a set piece and a botched clearance as though that excuses them rather than reinforces how poor his team’s defending was.

You can see the Chelsea coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. What went wrong you make abuyemang come at last 10 minutes when you are goaless you think he make wonders potter has seen harvetz struggling you should substitute him 55 minutes and very poor tactics and slow passing opponents are regrouped Fernandez and James was worst what can we expect with such poor strategies and tactics

    1. Havertz is the only weak one, Fernandez is all we have in the midfield yesterday and James is doing both Thiago and his work

  2. This guy is bad news..it’s like his deliberately making us lose why is he still around..bring back TT asap please !!!

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