(Video): “Luck deserted us” – Graham Potter doesn’t know what else to say after

By the time he had done his broadcast interview and his press conference, Graham Potter was pretty much out of things to say. When Chelsea TV caught him in the tunnel, he made only one addition to his script – a nod to the bad fortune that befell his finishing tonight.

“We needed a little bit of luck… which seems to have deserted us!” he added with a smile on his face.

It’s nice to see he’s still positive – at least outwardly. The bad results go on but tonight was a good performance. Beat Southampton this Saturday and Dortmund next week and, with a little luck, all will be rosy.

You can see the Chelsea coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Luck has nothing to do with leaving one guy back, who isn’t the fastest. Inept management. Top managers don’t need luck. Tuchel coached the same forward line to CL victory beating the top European sides along the way. It’s literally just like Southgate for England. In big games with small margins its funny how often winners get over the line. You can say its unlucky if it ends 0-0 but to lose the game was not unlucky. Just downright poor and would never have happened under Tuchel

  2. It’s the most dangerous we’ve looked in ages! Granted, it helped the Dortmund were eager to play and allowed us to counter, but even when Dortmund sat back a bit in the late going we created decent chances. Considering everyone is still “getting to know” the new arrivals, the interchanges were very encouraging of what is to come! And Potter keeping an even temper in the midst of it all will certainly help alleviate at least some of the pressure on these young +100 million guys.

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