(Video): Reece James says Chelsea “sticking together” despite another bad result

Reece James was the player who fronted up to face the cameras after a defeat to Tottenham today, and all he could do was try to continue the messages of positivity.

“We’re all on the same page and sticking together” he said, without much conviction.

It’s good to hear – but we didn’t see much evidence of sticking together on the pitch. With the exception of some handbags here and there, most of the players looked pretty content to just let the game pass them by.

You can see the wing back speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. What would you have him say, SuperFrank??? Honestly, you’d find fault with anything at this point. Enough with this sky is perpetually falling routine. Every single thing you post these days is brimming with negativity and it’s just toxic at this point. I’m not even bothering to click on half of what you post at this point because it’s more and more of the same snarling discontent without even an attempt to finding silver linings. As if watching the boys lose isn’t bad enough, we’ve got to listen to Mr. Storm Cloud constantly put the most negative spin possible on it. :/

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