(Video): Simon Jordan and Martin Keown go head-to-head over Chelsea’s

Simon Jordan has ended up spending most of his time defender Todd Boehly in recent weeks.

As the other TalkSport pundits lay into the Chelsea owner, Jordan defends his spending and his strategy and shoots down the idea that his approach has been haphazard.

It was an intellectual battle for the ages on yeterday’s show, as Martin Keown took up the mantle of Jordan’s opposition. The former Arsenal defender accused Jordan of “kissing Chelsea’s backside” with his endless defences of Boehly’s strategy.

You can see their dispute in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Keown may have sustained a few too many concussions during his playing days, lol! He’s completely out of his depth in this conversation and resorts to throwing out illogical opinions (for which he can scarcely muster a single supporting point). The remark about “kissing Chelsea’s backside” is just the sort of insult one offers when one has nothing substantive to say. He (and the show) would be better served if he stopped trying to provide (poor) analysis on the front office and instead spoke to the player perspective (e.g., how the crowded dressing room may impact Chelsea’s performances and challenge the manager from here to the end of the season).

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