(Video): TalkSport pundit demands Potter is sacked for this answer in post-match interview

TalkSport got a rare chance to ask a post-match manager question today, and Graham Potter’s response to it had the guys in the studio going mad.

Gabriel Agbonlahor and Jamie O’Hara both thought Potter should be sacked just for the answers he gave. The Chelsea boss pointed to some changes that he had to make for this game, and the fact that Southampton had a “settled side.”

“Is he winding me up?” jeered O’Hara.

They’ve got a point. Those excuses simply don’t wash…

You can hear the interview and see their reaction in the clip embedded here:

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  1. If coaches were like potter i dn,t think somebody can spent huge amount of money in buying club like chelsea.

  2. That man during his playing days ,he was so poor in all aspects of football,he can’t even manage a fifth tier league club and he is advocating for Potters sacking , please tell him point blank, ” he used play so poorly “, so he should keep quiet, let Potter do his work.

  3. I’m Chelsea ‘s #1 fan, but right now I don’t want to watch Chelsea games anymore if Potter still Coaching Chelsea

  4. After so many poor results it normally ends up being the managers fault. I’ve supported chelsea most of my life and I can honestly say in all those years ive never known a worse situation as we are in right now.So with all the money we now have and the pressure we are under get a stronger proven character into the club that can sort this mess out so with all the managers available out there who do we choose to do the job and crack some skulls I personally think Zidanes the man give him two seasons to get the team back to some normality and for Chelsea to be the best club in the world which I know it can be sorry Graham p you’re out.Blue is the colour football is the game.were all together and winning is our aim.

  5. Chelsea needs Spanish manager who understands the possibility of a person and impossibility, that guy POTTER doesn’t understand these players and he is just trying that maybe it will work out one time, and Chelsea board needs to apologize to Thomas, after he was dumped he went to India i don’t think it was just chilling

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