“We don’t have time” – Broken Ben Chilwell despairs as another season slips away

Ben Chilwell’s return to the team last night was a big boost for Chelsea fans – but it didn’t bring the results they wanted.

In the end, despite some great attacking play, they conceded the only goal of the game on the break and lost 1-0.

Speaking after the match, Chilwell sounds as concerned as the rest of us about the direction of the season and the “bad luck” that has stopped the Blues scoring and picking up points:

“I don’t think it is luck. There are no excuses. We played well tonight, but if we want to go far, then we need to play even better. We have a lot of new players who we’re trying to integrate,” the former Leicester man explained.

“Unfortunately, that takes time, but we also don’t have time, but we’re trying our best to work hard and put that right. We’ve got a big game at the weekend and a second leg at Stamford Bridge. We’ve got to try and put that right.”

We certainly couldn’t ask for a better chance than the game at the weekend – playing the team bottom in the league, without a manager. If we can’t win that, we will agree that luck isn’t relevant – and as Chilwell says, we will be fast running out of time.

Still, the fact he’s back and fit is huge for us, and we expected another level of performance all round at the weekend.

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  1. Luck has nothing to do with winning 2/14 games or leaving one man back against the fastest player in the bundesliga. Starting to sound just like Southgate apologists. Never in a million years did I think our fanbase would fall this far so quickly.

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