“When Zidane comes in, you listen to him” – Former Blue’s suggestion of what Chelsea need

Frank Leboeuf has been one of the few Chelsea-centric pundits willing to stick his head above the parapet since day one and say that Graham Potter is a bad choice for Chelsea.

At first he got pelters from his ESPN colleagues for being harsh and not giving a talented English coach a chance, but as time has gone by, they’ve come round to his way of thinking.

The argument has now devolved from “why would you sack Potter?” to “well who would you replace him with?”

As you can see in his column for Simon Phillip’s Substack, Frank has an answer:

“I think Zidane would do a very good job. He’s proven that he has the credit, and inside the dressing room when Zidane comes in, you listen to him. He knows the job. He won the Champions League as a coach and as a player, he won the World Cup and so many other things,” the former Chelsea defender said.

“I think we can give credit to Luis Enrique as well. I’m not sure Jose Mourinho is the Mourinho he used to be and you cannot work with nostalgia in football. I’ve never really thought too much about who would be the best coach to replace Potter if he was sacked. We would need someone who knows the history and can motivate these players.”

We’re not sure if Zidane is the answer, but we can see why his countryman thinks he might be. For all of Zidane’s flaws, what he does bring to the table is the experience, gravitas and command of a dressing room that Potter is desperately lacking.

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  1. Does anyone really believe Zidane would want to manage in England? I find it totally unimaginable that a guy well known for his love of “cultured” football would want to come to England (regardless of the club). That’s not a knock on the Premier League (personally, I think it’s the most talented and exciting league in the world), it’s just that everything Zidane has ever done or said leads one to believe that aesthetics are central to his passion for football and that he disdains the physicality of the EPL. Besides that, if he returns to management, I don’t think he would ever take over a rebuild “project.” This is a guy who played with, and then managed, “galacticos” and would never dream of “getting behind the wheel” of anything less than a Ferrari.

    Maybe this kind of speculation makes for good clickbait, but it doesn’t seem like particularly productive discussion.

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