“would have been sacked three times already” – ex Chelsea man slams Potter

Former Chelsea player Tony Cascarino has stated via The Times that Graham potter “would have been sacked three times already” should Roman Abramovich have been the owner of Chelsea Football Club still. 

Cascarino believes that Graham Potter is not getting a tune out of the players. Of course, who knows if Roman Abramovich would have ever employed Graham potter in the first place but what we do know for certain is that he would not accept this string of results. 

Chelsea have won just three times in their last fifteen matches with the Southampton result causing fans to boo heavily at full time. Being inside the stadium I saw just how toxic it got, fans were arguing with each other and abuse was shouted at players and manager. 

Chelsea face Spurs next week at 12:30pm in a game where Graham Potter could restore some faith amongst traveling fans with a convincing win.

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  1. Comments like these are laughable. Of course, he’d have been sacked three times over under Abramovich and the re-build would have started all over each time, lol.

    Pundits and supporters who equate sacking a manager with instant success clearly haven’t thought much about how we ended up needing a re-build in the first place—because the trigger-happy Ambramovich never could settle on a manager or vision and those chickens finally came home to roost (with a squad full of mis-matched parts)! We would do well to learn something from our past and the fact that City and Liverpool currently have managers with longer tenures than ANYONE in the last HALF CENTURY at Chelsea! They’ve been the teams to beat for the last several seasons (and we’ve really not been able to touch them) and there’s a reason for that and it’s obviously not just the money.

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