Hakim Ziyech’s pointless renaissance ends abruptly

Chelsea had internally agreed that they were going to sell Hakim Ziyech in January, we know that for sure. It was only a matter of admin mistakes that stopped them completing a loan for the Moroccan to PSG.

Ziyech wasn’t happy about that – understandably – but in the first game of February, he was starting. He kept his place for several games following that, holding his first team place throughout February.

That decision was strange – clearly we’re going to sell him and the club see Raheem Sterling, Mykhailo Mudryk and Noni Madueke as the future. So what’s the point in using Ziyech when we don’t have a huge amount to play for in the league? It’s not like Ziyech is banging in goals every week.

What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that Ziyech is not in the squad today, and hasn’t played a minute through our winning run. It just emphasises the fact that his February run was a bizarre waste of time.


  1. Absolutely pointless article and as always very wrong. Pointless piece of trashy cheap writing. Do you actyally beleive what you are writing.
    Ziyech like so many players have been used a a scape goat. Stop taking cheap shots and actual try to be fair……. History and stats don’t lie, only so called journalists.

    1. Ziyech has so much potential and we saw that during the wc. Chelsea completely ruined his move and no way it wasn’t on purpose. Sending in the wrong documents 3x is so unprofessional. he lead his team to the semi finals during the WC. Waleed (the morrocco coach) said if you give him love you get the absolute best of him and that’s exactly what chelsea is NOT doing barley giving him playing time and ruining his chances to leave it’s like he’s being held hostage. The least they can do is respect their players. And exactly history and stats don’t lie we saw how good he played for Ajax and morrocco. #freeziyech

    2. It’s worth adding that, unlike a guy like Auba who is going to have minimal re-sale value, playing guys like Ziyech and Pulisic (players everyone expects to be sold) makes perfect sense if you (a) think they can help you win AND (b) have the opportunity to increase their sale value.

      As DrZ notes, I don’t understand why you take such a glib/thoughtless approach to many of your posts, SuperFrank. Either post less, say less when you do, or out more honest thought behind your “analysis.” As it is, I just skip over at least 50% of your posts because I assume on first glance that it’s garbage masquerading as “news.” The other half of them that I read its 50/50 whether I find you’ve said anything interesting/insightful.

    3. I agree with you DRz, this is a cheap shot from a bias journalist who should focus on the coach performance and club issues; instead, he tries to scapegoat some players to tarnish their careers and qualities like Ziyech. These type of journalists will not get the ratings they are looking for. for the players, stats, awards and history will be the only way to judge them.

  2. Ziyech is a top class player! He is overlooked because he is not an English player like Mount who, even play bad for so many games, still gets the chance to improve! That is the difference with Ziyech!.
    I hope we will sell him as soon as possible because his talents shall not be wasted at our club!.

  3. FYI Ziyech will always be a star no matter how many article these bastard are writing about him. Anyone who played football know he is a legend, but Chelsea well known of destroying talented players, so it’s not something new and he is not the first one.

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