(Video): “Completely wrong” – Pundits slams Chelsea setup

Chelsea played really well in the first 20 minutes of today’s game, but ended up drawing 2-2 after their manager’s changes encouraged the team to sit back and allow Everton to play.

Speaking on Sky Sports as a pundit, Jamie Redknapp was very critical of how Graham Potter had his team playing as they tried to keep hold of three points.

“The set up was completely wrong” he claimed, and it was certainly true it was hard to see a team like Liverpool or Man City playing like that.

You can see the former midfielder speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. I don’t even blame poor Potter, I only blame UK government that forced Roman Abramovic to sell the club to other senseless poor man in mind (Boely.)

  2. Kizza David uganda East Africa.This potter guy is a championship coach not a coach for a big team like Chelsea,he is getting the sack soon,how can a team be leading and they keep being scored against.Why keep defending instead of scoring more goals

    1. You are right my brother .
      I have never seen such as a Chelsea fan for years.
      This is not Chelsea . Even the coach knew he not good enough ,The owners of Chelsea are just spoilling our fun.
      But the earlier he is sacked the better ,imagine removing Felix to bring in Carragher with better attacking options on the bench, it’s a shame.

    2. Pls chelsea fans can we sack this man that call in self gram potter or what is name called,is not a right coach for chelsa at all pls let them did somethin about it fast, ahh..omo.

    3. yes i agree with kizza david this potter guy is not the coach for chelsea. chelsea should be looking at exprienced coach not this so called potter guy. he should go back to where he came from. we dont need him

  3. Potter won’t manage chelsea look at the subs he made instead of attacking he defended.We need the right manager to victory

  4. Potter is not a coach, Chelsea have a better players to perform but we Potter we can’t go far to any length.

  5. Until Todd Boehly and co.sacks potter,I don’t see Chelsea making any head-way.Which good coach will be leading in a game and goes ahead to make silly and useless subs? Potter lacks tactics and technically,a failure.He does not know how to read a game,hence has no game plan.

  6. Potter doesnt know what to do .He has never couched any big club neither has he played in any big league so i blame his employer .the only solution is to have sacked with immediate effect….As funs lets keep our fingures crossed something will happen someday.

  7. Potter doesnt know what to do .He has never managed any big club neither has he ever played in any big league. i blame his employer

  8. Potter is pretty lucky to have a club owner who is not a serious fan of football but rather business. He would have been sacked long ago and replaced by a result oriented coach. Bringing a Brighton mentality to Chelsea is a complete suicide mission. Mid table tactics of playing players in wrong positions, making wrong substitutions when you have the right ones in place, playing without a striker yet you have a good one on the bench, getting satisfied with weak results and having confidence of not being anywhere near sack are all putting Chelsea in awkward position with low standard. Potter should forgive Chelsea and resign before opting out of the champions league due to gross incompetence.

  9. Wrong substitutes, how can you sub in defenders against a small team like Everton.
    That encouraged them to focus, he should have brought in kante, mudrick and madueke to keep pressing. COLLINS NANDWA FROM KENYA

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